Team & Process

Our Team

Spread across in UAE

In addition, some of our colleagues are based remotely across the globe, further amplifying our round-the-clock support and coverage.

We are known for our highly responsive client service, deep expertise and extensive industry networks. Our passion for bringing transparency and understanding of the market’s nuances has enabled us to set the agenda for what traders, analysts and executives discuss in the markets we cover.

Our Process

Client Onboard Process Strategy

One size does not fit all. Our successful onboard strategy is to customize our invest plans — we do not approach every new relationship the same way, our clients are feel it. Practicing a people-focused approach (that is, being attentive to each clients’ specific needs and goals) is a bottom line of good business practice. Why? Because people do business with people.

Terms with Partners/ Operators

There are various factors which involved in a successful investment project. Which are motioned in respective way as these performed a as follows:

  • Deal
  • Sourcing
  • Financial
  • Review
  • Partner/Operating
  • Diligence
  • Deal Structure
  • Negotiation
  • Assets
  • Management

How we share the returns with our customers

Our company flawed investment model, by providing a choose the projects which are designed to generate cash flow returns from the wellhead directly back to our customers No more competing incentive structures between growth and cash flows – we give our customers a platform for direct access to oil and gas cash flow returns. We only make money when our projects generate positive cash flow returns for our customers.

Project participation agreement terms

Will be based on below mentioned points

  • Digester System
  • Project Participation
  • Excluded Projects
  • Project Obligations
  • Project Agreements
  • Terms and Terminations
  • General Terms
  • Signatures

We will invest our equity in oil & gas companies on capital productivity.